Repashy Soilent Green

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  • Spirulina Algae as Main Ingredient
  • Balanced Diet in Gel Form
  • Ideal for Feeding Plant-Eating Fish Over Extended Time

Repashy Soilent Green is a nutritious gel food which is water stable for up to 24 hours. It is created using spirulina algae as the main ingredient and is therefore an excellent daily diet for fish such as plecos, African cichlids and many other herbivore fish. This high fiber, vitamin-rich meal is great for snails and other bottom dwellers as well.

Customer Reviews

Based on 206 reviews
Jenna S. (Muskegon, MI, US)
Gold fish

I really like the jell concept but am having a little trouble getting my fish to eat it. I did mix ginger and cinnamon with it and that seemed to help.

David H. (Cookeville, TN, US)
Awesome stuff

Great stuff great price aquarium co-op shipped it very fast

Zachary B. (Victorville, CA, US)
Great food

All of the fish love it, the only thing I can't get to eat it is my ottocinclus

Daniel C. (Eden Prairie, MN, US)

This is a excellent product and if you think I only have a few fish so it's not a big deal that a few fish like it . I have around 300 fish all my fish love it even some of my meat eater thinks it great.

CatherineD (Colonia, NJ, US)
Crazy Shrimp

My shrimp go crazy for Repashy! Great food for shrimp and fish!