Repashy Super Gold

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  • Nutritious Goldfish Diet in Gel Form
  • Easily Digestible
  • Feeds Fish For Extended Time

Repashy Super Gold is formulated to be an excellent diet for Goldfish. It is easily digestible and is packed full of nutritious ingredients including krill, spirulina algae and black soldier fly larvae. This food naturally brings out vivid colors in fish as well as promotes healthy growth and form. Ideal for goldfish, but can be a great addition to the diets of other fish such as livebearers, community fish, shrimp, crawfish, snails and more.

Customer Reviews

Based on 85 reviews
Liz M. (Lewiston, ID, US)
Awesome food

My Fancies go crazy for this food and I saw a noticeable size increase in a short amount of time. Only complaint it that it can mess up the water if it is not made just right in BOILING water.

Anthony A.
Great food

Easy to make and my fish seem to like it. I would definitely buy again.

JS (Indianapolis, IN, US)

Got this for our 15 year old goldfish. She absolutely loves it! It was easy to make. We boiled the water in a measuring cup in the microwave, added it to the measured dry mix. Be sure to mix well and have the container ready in which you want the food to gel. Cut into small squares and refrigerate. Super easy! Really does not smell that bad.

Mister V. (La Verne, CA, US)
I’d recommend

Was looking for a replacement found this it’s fairly easy to comprehend how to prep for your fish great source of nutrients give it a try

Gabby (Dallas, TX, US)
Stinky but great product!

Easy to prepare. Easy to feed. Stinks like bad cabbage. After feeding our whole house smells awful like farts for about a day. Doesn’t bother me as much as my husband who is finicky about smells. The food itself is awesome and all the fish, snails, shrimp love it!