Seachem Equilibrium

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  • Great For Planted and Livebearer Aquariums
  • Restores GH in Mineral Deficient Water
  • Does Not Contain Sodium Chloride/Salt

Equilibrium is a mineral supplement designed to have the ideal mineral balance for the aquarium. It is best used for reverse osmosis water or any water lacking minerals. Water with little dissolved mineral content (low GH) is subject to pH swings which can harm fish and plants. Using Equilibrium to raise the mineral content in your aquarium will ensure your pH remains more constant. Excellent for planted tanks or livebearer aquariums. Test the hardness of your water with the GH and KH Test Kit.

Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
Alec M. (Columbus, IN, US)
Great Seachem Equilibrium

I added this to my planted tanks and I have seen a huge difference in my plant growth. Worked great. Great customer service.

Kim U. (International Falls, MN, US)
Great for guppies

My environment isn’t good for guppies. Super soft water. I use about 1/2 tsp per 4 gallons of water for water changes. My hot water from the tap contains ammonia, so I boil a little cold water in the kettle to ensure that I dissolve this and mix it into the bucket. Along with the calcium shells also sold from the Co-op, this keeps the gh, kh, and pH up and stable.

Ed G.
great product

It did exactly what I expect it to do. Plants are doing well with fresh leaves

Andrew N. (Lehigh Acres, FL, US)
Reliable and user friendly

I have RO water and my well water is not suitable for mixing to acquire the proper balance.
This product isn’t the only product, cheapest, or most easily dissolved, but it’s safe, reliable, and my go to for my fish.

Benjamin H. (Marlton, NJ, US)
Adds hardness

I just add a little scoop here and there to keep certain plants and snails happy