Seachem Equilibrium

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  • Great For Planted and Livebearer Aquariums
  • Restores GH in Mineral Deficient Water
  • Does Not Contain Sodium Chloride/Salt

Equilibrium is a mineral supplement designed to have the ideal mineral balance for the aquarium. It is best used for reverse osmosis water or any water lacking minerals. Water with little dissolved mineral content (low GH) is subject to pH swings which can harm fish and plants. Using Equilibrium to raise the mineral content in your aquarium will ensure your pH remains more constant. Excellent for planted tanks or livebearer aquariums. Test the hardness of your water with the GH and KH Test Kit.

Customer Reviews

Based on 53 reviews
Jonathan J. (Wilmington, NC, US)

Seachem Equilibrium

William S. (Cleveland, GA, US)

Seachem Equilibrium

Dustin B. (Buffalo, NY, US)
Good stuff

I was very low on general harness, this brought the water right to where it needs to be.

PR (Jackson, MS, US)
Does the job

I have been adding this to my aquarium during my weekly water change as directed and have noticed my plants have perked up. My baby snails are looking great and have beautiful shells too.

Kevin O. (Sandown, NH, US)
Big Bottle Best Price

The product is fantastic as a remineralizer and AC has the best price. I try and time it to get the free shipping. The plants are the big draw for me as they are always perfect.