Seachem Purigen

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  • Absorbs Ammonia, Nitrite & Nitrate
  • Removes Tannins From Water
  • Improves Water Clarity

Purigen is a filter media designed to absorb organic waste such as ammonia, nitrites and nitrates at an incredible rate. When in use, it makes for a crystal clear water column. It is extremely helpful if being used to remove tannins as well. It is not known to remove aquatic fertilizers. Over time, Purigen will darken from white to brown so you can visually tell when it has been exhausted. Many hobbyists won't run a tank without it.

Customer Reviews

Based on 155 reviews
Julia A. (Bargersville, IN, US)
I’ll always put this in my filters now

I got this with the hopes of it clearing up and taking out tannins in my turtle tank. It took a few days but it has made a significant difference.

Devon B. (Montgomery, AL, US)

Seachem Purigen

George W. (Bloomington, IN, US)

Purigen does well for me! Keeps water clean and right levels. I like that it can be re-charged for multiple uses. Highly recommend

William R. (Marlborough, MA, US)
Awesome stuff

Always had cloudey water in one of my planted tanks with drift wood until I started using purigen cristel clear now highly recommend this product

Steve M. (Valparaiso, IN, US)
Great for overstocked tanks

Purigen gives me an extra margin of error on my overstocked rescue fish tanks. I use it in my regular tanks as well. The color change is a helpful indicator for scheduling maintenance.