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Shrimp Cave

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These are a shelter designed for shrimp to sneak into to evade fish and feel safe. Caution should be used with fish such as bettas as they can try to fit into the holes and could become stuck. Don't mix with fish where that could pose a problem. Most all other community fish would be fine with these shelters. Can also be used to get a moss shelter going as well by putting moss under the shelter and letting it grow through the holes. The shrimp shelter measures 2 inches wide by 1 inch tall.

Customer Reviews

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Shrimp love it

My shrimp love this thing.

Shrimp cave

I filled mine with Christmas moss, kuhli loaches and shrimp like playing around in it

Great little useful deco

The little shrimp caves are great. I put 2 in my shrimp only with Java moss sticking out and one with a little guppy grass coming out. I also put one in my guppy tank and it holds my sword plant down because the guppy juveniles would make it float. My guppies don’t try to go in. They just graze on food or biofilm on the outside surface No problems now. I have 2 more left just waiting on my idea to use them. They have so many uses. And my shrimp babies have increased since I got these! You can’t go wrong by having these in any tank.

Nice little hide

We just incorporated our two 29g tanks into one 75g. This meant our shrimp now live with a big plakat betta that thinks they look tasty. I put some moss in the cave and threaded it through a few holes to encourage growth outside. The shrimp are already hanging around it and the holes are small enough to keep the betta out.


I'm currently using these to hold large chunks of Java moss in place. Stuffed them full, and pulled bunches out through the holes. No more moss getting caught in my power head. Care should definitely be taken in regards to fish size. These are made of a pretty stout material, and cutting or breaking it to free a stuck fish, without causing injury, would be difficult. But, for what it is, a great product that I will be using more of in the future.