Taxiphyllum 'Spiky Moss'

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  • Deep green moss with spiky fronds
  • Easily separates into multiple pieces
  • 100% clean with no algae, duckweed, or snails

Taxiphyllum sp. 'Spiky Moss' is like the bigger cousin of Christmas moss because of its spiky, deep green "branches" that extend out in multiple directions. When attached to hardscape, it can transform a normal piece of driftwood into a moss-covered branch lying deep within an unexplored forest.

This moss is very undemanding and grows well even in very low light conditions. As with most other mosses, you can easily propagate it by breaking off a clump of moss and relocating it to another area.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Crystal H. (Maryville, TN, US)
Healthy moss

Shipping was quick, like always. The moss is a great addition to my pea puffer tank. Thanks Aquarium Co-op!

Warren (Atlanta, GA, US)
Spiky Moss

One stop shopping!

Asil T. (Brea, CA, US)
Great Little Moss

Sturdy and beautiful, love this moss and my plecos don’t destroy it!

Louis S.
Love this moss!

Have been wanting this moss for a while. Unable to find it locally. Otherwise W/ minimum orders, shipping, and heat packs. I haven't found it affordable. I got two, although one was enough. Super lush healthy moss that I'll have around forever now. Thanks Coop!

Lisa H. (San Francisco, CA, US)
Super clean arrived in great shape!

Beautiful plant that was ready to grow! Will order again.