"Training Days in Japan - My Journey" by Oliver Knott

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  • Aquascaping memoir by Oliver Knott **Signed**
  • Hardcover book written in English
  • 168 pages with 150 color photos

Oliver Knott is a world-renowned aquascaper who has won multiple awards from AGA and IAPLC competitions. However, he got his humble beginnings by working as a pet store retail salesman in Germany, rising to the ranks of operations manager, and eventually training directly under Takashi Amano — the father of modern aquascaping. This gorgeous hardcover book details Knott's experiences of traveling to Japan and interning at Amano's famous ADA Nature Aquarium Gallery. Each book is signed by the author and contains exclusive photos from his personal collection.

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Kyle (West Palm Beach, FL, US)
Great quality a must have

The Quailty of the photos and book are great. Definitely a great gift with a signed book for anyone in the hobby.

Terry M. (Fall River, MA, US)
Great book!!!

I really enjoyed this book and about learning what influenced my favorite Aquascaper Oliver Knott. I highly recommend this to anyone who like me enjoys both history and aquariums.

Amy L. (Oakland, CA, US)
Amazing book to read

I’m still reading the book and it amazing. It’s a must buy book

Matt T.
Beautiful Book for Aquascaping Nerds

If you're an aquarist with more than a passing interest in planted tanks and aquascaping... i.e. if the name Takashi Amano rings a bell (yes, as in the shrimp), and you know the difference between iwagumi, dutch, and nature styles of aquarium, and have an interest in learning more about where the greatest aquascapers in the world got their knowledge and inspiration... then this is a book for you. Yes, it's kind of expensive, but we don't have easy access to many high quality printed books on this topic in the US. Thanks to Cory and ACO for bringing this into the country to offer up to us planted tank nerms.

Brian S. (Phoenix, AZ, US)

Great book was a gift for a friend. Truly a great piece for any fish keeper!