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Easy to grow plant. Spreads by runners. Grows very tall in an aquarium and can drape over the top to make fish feel secure. Can be fed with root tabs or water column fertilizer. When it's well established you can get a new shoot as soon as every 3 days. Great for a community tank but also often used in Goldfish and African Cichlid tanks. I've written an article about Vallisneria as I love it so much! Vallisneria the One Plant Wonder

***Sizes will vary from each shipment. Plants can be larger or smaller than the picture shown.***

Customer Reviews

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Beautiful Plant!

So pleased with my purchase! Plant shipped beautifully, was green and vibrant upon unboxing. When i removed it from the little pot there were two large and one small plants. I put them in my tank and a week later they were already sending out runners. Will definitely buy from Aquarium co-op again!

ACP Does a great job

Plants arrived healthy and perfect. Growing nicely in just a week! Really am pleased. Quality shipping materials as well. You have earned my repeat business.

Valisneria was perfect

Val was in good shape when it arrived. It is bigger than I expected. It is thriving in my 15 gallon fresh tank.

Very healthy, robust plants

The Vals I got were large and very healthy. The rock wool came off easily. Of course it took about a week or so for the plants to get used to my lighting, water and substrate with a couple of the leaves going yellow but they already bounced back and are already growing runners. Im very happy!

Val for days and happy Nerites

A couple of weeks ago I received my order from the C0-op. It contained 2 pots of regular Val. There were actually 3 to 4 plants per pot all in great shape. I planted the Val in a 115 tall with a bargain basement Beamswork light in a fine grained gravel substrate. No liquid ferts or plant tabs. 2 weeks later the Val is shooting out runners in several directions and still looks great. I will probably start using easy green soon just to give them the best chance to prosper over the long term in my low tech tank. I also received a 5 pack of Horned Nerite snails which have been doing a great job at taking care of a brown algae issue in a couple of guppy tanks...All in all a great buying experience.