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Mix N' Match Plants

Buy 3 or more plants to save 5% on all plants.

Save $7.99.

  • Spreads Easily
  • Great for Baby Fish
  • Easy to Grow

Vallisneria has been a popular choice in the hobby for quite some time due to its minimal care requirements. It can be an excellent choice for beginners because it is very hardy, thrives under low to medium light and spreads quickly by sending out baby plants as runners. When it's well established you can get a new shoot as soon as every 3 days. 

Vallisneria grows very tall in an aquarium and can drape over the top to make fish and fry feel secure. For this reason, it also serves very well as a background plant to provide a nice green back drop for your aquarium.

Customer Reviews

Based on 643 reviews
LILLIAN H. (Hiawassee, GA, US)
Highly recommend and will return to shop here.

Excellent, easy to use website allowed me to choose a suitable plant for my aquarium.
Quick delivery with good packaging. My vallisneria is already growing new leaves. The website is a treasure trove of information! Also, check out their recommendation for live fish and snails. That company is great, as well.

Megan (Austin, TX, US)
Doing good!

It's been about 3 weeks since I got my plants, but I wanted to wait a bit before writing this to give them some time to settle in - and I'm happy to report that they're doing pretty good! I ordered two of these and one dwarf sagittaria. They arrived well-packed, but looked a little sad (which is not surprising). I also put off planting them for about 24 hours - so by the time they were in the tank they were a kinda' mushy and translucent. However, with a bit of time they've perked up a great deal and are vibrant green! There were a few bits that didn't recover and needed to be trimmed off, but that's to be expected. Also excited to announce that there are already a few tiny runners! For those curious, my tank is non-CO2 with aquarium soil substrate and gets 8 hours of full spectrum LED light.

Lance (Blackfoot, ID, US)

Good quality plants and good packaging

Boni (Bradenton, FL, US)
Beautiful plant

It was a beautiful plant but melting due to cycling a new nano tank. But it’s got new growth. It will fill in the back up f my tank wonderfully.

Amy J. (Las Vegas, NV, US)
Love it

These plants and another plant were my first orders from this company. I found out about them from a youtube channel and a fb forum. So i thought why not. I bought 3 plants just in case i lost one or two of them. Ive had them for about a month and one plant has 3 baby plants, one has one baby plant. I movedy 3rd plant to another tank to see if it would take off crossing my fingers but if not i have a baby plant to replace it.