Water Sprite

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This is an easy to grow stem plant. Can grow both planted as a traditional stem plant. Or as a floating plant. This is the lace leaf variety. When floating it will have very broad leaves. When planted in the gravel it'll have a much finer leaf structure.

***Sizes will vary from each shipment. Plants can be larger or smaller than the picture shown.***

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new Water Sprite plants

The shipment of Water Sprite arrived in good condition and is now sending out new leaves. I am very happy with the transaction.
The only comment I have is how narrow the leaves are. When I first started using Water Sprite in my tanks 65 years ago the leaves were much broader and more robust looking. I had given up my fish hobby about 20 years ago and have just recently set a tank up. I really like the way the hobby has improved since I started, I guess the change in plants is just another change I'll have to get use to.
Keep up the good work.

Dennis A Dvorshak

Water Sprite

I ordered a quantity of two and they looked amazing! I was extremely satisfied with these plants and Cory and his team always come through for me!

Great Plants

This is my first plant purchase, so I have no reference for comparison. However, I am pleased work my purchases. They look great and seem to be staying alive. I was concerned about how they would arrive, but they came packaged very well and made it through the shipping process without damage.


Order handling was excellent, no time wasted in getting order filled and shipped.

It came, it rotted, it's regrowing.
I paid a premium price for plants from AqCo because I thought they had plants grown submerged and I wouldn't have to deal with the "rot/regrow".

Awesome plant!

Arrived super fast and in great condition. Waited to review to see how it did, and its growing like crazy. Will order again for sure.