Worm Feeder Cone

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  • Less Mess From Feeding Live Food
  • Easy to Attach Suction Cup
  • Holds Up Well Over Time

This feeder cone is great for fish learning to take live foods and for keeping your aquarium a bit less messy from feedings. The cone is designed to keep food in one area for fish to easily access.

It is made out of clear, break-resistant plastic and has a suction cup on one side so you can easily mount it inside your aquarium. Mainly used for feeding live black worms, frozen blood worms.

Customer Reviews

Based on 125 reviews
Jennifer D. (Pittsburgh, PA, US)
Works perfectly

I got this to use with frozen bloodworms for my tank. I was a little dubious at first because of the small holes, but I discovered that if I lightly tap the cone, some will be released to attract the fish. They then had no problem getting more out. In fact, I ended up overfeeding my dwarf gourami the first time because I didn't realize how much he was managing to pull out! So you may want to keep an eye on that if you typically feed with tweezers or similar. Very easy to rinse off. For the price, this is one of my favorite aquarium purchases.

Kelly M. (Palm Coast, FL, US)
Doesn’t Really Work

Unless the bloodworms I buy are just super fat, they don’t poke through the tiny holes on this feeder. Was hoping for a better way to feed my puffers. Maybe it works for other types of worms, but bloodworms not so much

Kent F. (Springfield, MO, US)
Worm Feeder

nice device to drop frozen worm cubes into the tank and feed fish slowly

Nat (Seattle, WA, US)

This product was very helpful for my tank! We have a giant knifefish who really gobbles up a lot of the food before any others can get to it. This give a nice delayed release for the others.

Sky J. (Spencer, IN, US)
Easy feeder

Fish like it and its fun to watch them feed