Worm Feeder Cone

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  • Less Mess From Feeding Live Food
  • Easy to Attach Suction Cup
  • Holds Up Well Over Time

This feeder cone is great for fish learning to take live foods and for keeping your aquarium a bit less messy from feedings. The cone is designed to keep food in one area for fish to easily access.

It is made out of clear, break-resistant plastic and has a suction cup on one side so you can easily mount it inside your aquarium. Mainly used for feeding live black worms, frozen blood worms.

Customer Reviews

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Patrick (Queens, NY, US)
Cone feeder

Genius!!! I use these as a floating feeder for frozen foods. Keeps the food contained yet accessible to the fish and most importantly keeps your tank from becoming a trash can of drifting worms. I’ll be ordering more so I have an individual come for each of my aquariums.

Christian O. (Madison, AL, US)
Great cone!

Frozen blood worms don't just fall out so that's good. It's also a great way to feed hikari micro foods.

Douglas B. (North Myrtle Beach, SC, US)
Worm feeder cone

This works great with frozen brine shrimp and Frozen tubiflex worms it has a suction cup that mounts against the glass or you could let it float around and this way the fish can pull the food out very little falls out much better than just dropping the food in the tank and having it go everywhere I've had one of these before and I couldn't wait when I found out that aquarium Co-op was selling them I jumped on getting another one they're handy if you use any frozen food thanks Corrine Co-op for a great product

Julian G. (Smyrna, GA, US)

Very good to share food to other fishy

Erik W. (Saint Clair Shores, MI, US)
Use the Dean Hack to Feed Your Corys

I saw Dean use these cones to feed his rams and Corys. He super glues a washer to the bottom of the cup and fishing line to the top. The washer will keep the cone sunk and allow you to load tubifex worm cubes. The fishing line allows you to lower the cone into the tank without getting your arm wet. All of my fish go crazy for cone time!!!