Xtreme Betta Pellets (1mm)

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  • Slow Sinking For Bettas
  • Comes With Spoon for Easy Feeding
  • Naturally Color Enhancing

New 1mm size

These small floating pellets are packed with highly nutritious ingredients developed specifically for Betta fish. This food is made with natural ingredients with krill being the first which will enhance the colors of your fish over time. It even comes with a spoon so you can easily portion out daily feedings. Xtreme Betta Pellets are designed to float at the surface for easy feeding. Bettas love this food.

Customer Reviews

Based on 190 reviews
HerMajesty (Tishomingo, OK, US)
Perfect food finally

I’ve been searching for a food for my beautiful Betta that’s healthy and not just junk but he will eat and I’ve gone though about 15 different foods without Sucess until I ran across this food and site googling and had doubts it would be any different but man was I wrong. This food is fresh and healthy and he LOVES IT. thank you for a great product!

Marilynn C. (Honolulu, HI, US)
Bettas Love It!

I have been ordering this food through the Co-Op for over a year for my Betta fish and they are doing great. The small pellet size is perfect and they scrarf it right up!

Cory W. (Los Angeles, CA, US)
It works

This works just as good as any other betta pellets I’ve used. I keep my betta in my 100 gallon ember tetra tank and I like that these float a bit longer. It gives him more time to get over before they sink and the Cory’s get it all.

Vera R. (Grants Pass, OR, US)

My bettas love this food. It stays on the top so they can get it easily, no cloudiness inches water and their color it great, almost like neon color.
Give it a try. Your bettas will love u for it.

Celine N. (Westminster, CA, US)

Xtreme Betta Pellets (1mm)