Xtreme Betta Pellets (1mm)

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  • Slow Sinking For Bettas
  • Comes With Spoon for Easy Feeding
  • Naturally Color Enhancing

New 1mm size

These small floating pellets are packed with highly nutritious ingredients developed specifically for Betta fish. This food is made with natural ingredients with krill being the first which will enhance the colors of your fish over time. It even comes with a spoon so you can easily portion out daily feedings. Xtreme Betta Pellets are designed to float at the surface for easy feeding. Bettas love this food.

Customer Reviews

Based on 179 reviews
Mary G. (Hood River, OR, US)
Betta loves this. Easy to feed

I feed flakes to my other fish in my 20g community tank and using the pellets I trained my male betta to wait for me to direct him to his favorite food. He used too eat flakes then find his previous pellets and also eat those. Hope he loses some weight now.

Adam W. (Chicago, IL, US)
My Bettas love it!

What else could you ask for? They're tiny, cute little spheres of food that float. The Bettas love to gobble them up. They seem to be healthy and happy.

Alex S. (Lawrenceville, GA, US)
Great Betta Food

I have been feeding my betta Xtreme Betta Pellets for about 6 months now and she absolutely loves them. I feed her a variety of foods and she seems to go after these pellets with the most excitement every time. These pellets will defiantly remain a staple food in my fish room for as long as I keep bettas.

sherry p. (Kingman, AZ, US)
My Betta loves them

They are the perfect size. My Betta loves them. Always waiting for more. I like the fact that they are much healthier for her then others I have tried. She’s a picky eater.

Andy L. (Fairhope, AL, US)
X-treme improvement

Big difference noticed in how our Betta eats this new food. Seems much more eager to eat when fed and eats every last bite of food in the tank.