Xtreme Bottom Wafers

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  • Slow Dissolving
  • Promotes Natural Scraping Habits
  • No Preservatives, No Hormones

This food contains spirulina blue-green algae, green pea and even wood products to encourage the natural eating habit of plecos and other catfish. Xtreme Bottom Wafers are also great for loaches, corydoras, shrimp and even livebearer fry based on our own testing. It holds it shape underwater a bit better than competing products as well. It is fast to sink and slow to dissolve.

Customer Reviews

Based on 272 reviews
Vicki B. (Port Orchard, WA, US)

Yum! I bought these for my plecos, but all the fish (gouramis, mollies swordtails) in the community tank love to pick at these. Snails clean up the leftovers. Wonderful !

Carol H. (Burlington, KY, US)
Bottom Wafers loved by all

but especially my bristlenose Pleco. Even the non-bottom feeders try to nibble them on the way down.

Cheryl B. (Orlando, FL, US)
Xtreme bottom wafers

My bristlenose pleco love these wafers

Janet A. (Henrico, VA, US)
Great food

My fish love this food They tear it up !!! I think personally it is the best

A.B. (Everett, WA, US)
My pleco loves them

They are really good. I would like to see these food in smaller packets/quantities. They may stay long for my only one pleco.