Xtreme NICE 1.5mm Slow-Sinking Pellets

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  • Natural Ingredients
  • Great for Smaller Cichlids and Community Tanks
  • No Artificial Color Enhancers

Xtreme NICE 1.5mm Slow-Sinking Pellets (formerly Community Peewee) are a great 1.5mm pellet suitable for smaller cichlids, loaches, and goldfish. We find that these types of fish just go nuts for this food. Less picky cichlids such as Bolivian Rams and African cichlid fry love it as well. This food helps encourage breeding, brings out natural colors in fish and promotes good health and growth. Made with natural ingredients with Krill being at the top of the list.

Customer Reviews

Based on 221 reviews
Tyler T. (Morgan City, LA, US)
Highly recommend!

As soon as this fish food hits the water my fish go nuts.

STEVE (Santa Clara, CA, US)
Awesome food

Love these slow sinking pellets. Allows me to feed top and mid water feeding fish and bottom dwellers as well. For top feeders gently sprinkle on top of the water, they will float for a while before starting to sink. All my fish love the stuff. Haven’t had a fish that won’t eat it.

Steven W. (Minneapolis, MN, US)
Nice pellets

I think that these pellets work very well I would only want them a little bigger.

Carl W. (St Louis, MO, US)
Good food but my fish can't eat it...

I picked up this food from my local fish store witch is also a retail partner store (Tropical world pets) I got this food all exited and ran downstairs to my room /fish room and gave a good pinch to my neon tetras and they went straight for it but couldn't fit it in there mouths! And yes I know its a floating pellet but it just would not get soft and sink. I even took some of the food put it in a plastic bag and took the rolling pin to it and that did nothing to break up the food! However my congo tetra slobs didn't have a problem eating it.

Sarn K. (Queen Creek, AZ, US)
Goldies love it!

My goldies love it, fast shipping ty!