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  • Ideal Nutrient Balance for Small Fish
  • Natural Ingredients
  • High in Protein

Xtreme Nano is a small 0.5mm sinking pellet food made with natural ingredients with Krill being the first main ingredient. It is great for tetras, rasboras, livebearers, corydoras and more. In fact, most small community fish go nuts for this food. A little bit goes a long way as the protein level is 50%. If you breed fish, raise fry or have a community tank with nano fish, you'll want to try out Xtreme Nano.

Customer Reviews

Based on 345 reviews
Chanjoo M. (Brooklyn, NY, US)
Big Hit with Small Fish

I use this to feed a bunch of tetras, corys, junior angel fish, rice fish, a small pleco, minnows, and a betta fish. They all enjoy this food and look forward to it. It's my go to, and the price is decent here.

Allen C. (Bellefonte, PA, US)
The fish love them

These were a great alternative to always feeding a mix of flake food. The guppies neons and corydoras all ate them without any problem. I wish the food was a little cheaper but I will not take off stars because of price. The food is quality, the fish loved them and water remained crystal clear.

donald c. (Mt. Dora, FL, US)
Fish love it

My Fish seem to love it!
Its perfect for all sizes of fish in your tank!

Erika D. (Westminster, MD, US)
Fish love it!

I have Lambchop Rasboras and Pygmy Corydoras and they all really love this food.

Tyler (Burke, VA, US)

All my fish love it, it’s a favorite with my tetra’s and it gives my Cory’s and loaches something to scavenge for after they’ve eaten their food as well.