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Ziss Bubble Bio Moving Bed Filter

Best Seller
Best Seller

Finally someone has made a moving bed filter that runs off of air and fits into our aquariums! We don't have to try and DIY them anymore. These units are great because they come with an easy to remove intake sponge and the media starts moving from day one. Unlike k1 media where it can take days to weeks for it to start moving. Taking out all the guess work and making it simple hook up to an air pump and getting all the benefits of oxygen in the water and a super charged bio filter.

If you've never seen this before, they're so great because they constantly rub against each other and cleaning the medium as well as only letting the strongest bacteria survive. With oxygen traveling through, the oxygen rich water combined with strong bacteria handle large amounts of ammonia in comparison to other types of filters.

We feel this filter is best suited for 20 gallon and larger aquariums. One Ziss Bubble Bio can handle up to 40 gallons by itself. Best combined with a sponge filter or hang on back as this will handle your biological load in the aquarium and some mechanical, but if you want crystal clear water you'll want to add a mechanical filter like a sponge filter or hang on back to the mix.


Customer Reviews

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Best air driven filter to buy

It took 2-3 days for the media to get enough colonized bacteria to fully tumble but it’s all around an amazing filter and I would 100% recommend. Cory’s video on it I would definitely watch if interested because it’s fairly informative. So far seems to be holding the bio-lode of my silver angelfish pair and silver tip tetras very well

Great filter even better price

I put in a 60 gallon planted tank in addition to my fluval C4 as a booster. Does a great job! I don’t mind looking at it since it’s always moving and kinda interesting to watch. At first I installed it upside down and it wouldn’t tumble so upon further inspection I noticed the grate I had on the bottom was the top and corrected my misuse and everything started moving as expected after that. Great product

Great for koi try tank.

After 3 days my filter media started moving. I use this in my koi fry tank ,where ammonia can build up. Not with this filter ,plus fry are not sucked up by filter. I highly recommend this Ziss bubble moving her filter.

Sponge Pump

Skeptical at first. I am old school on aquariums. But things has changed so much. It was my first Sponge Pump want be My last. Very good and glad to do business with Aquariumcoop. I will be back soon.

Works Like Cory Said it Would!

This is my second Ziss filter. This will be used in my 40 gal breeder tank that I'm setting up. I'm using one in my 29 gal