Ziss Bubble Bio Moving Bed Filter

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  • Creates a Strong Colony of Beneficial Bacteria
  • Tough and Durable Construction
  • Great Filter for Turtle Tanks

The Ziss Bubble Bio Moving Bed Filter is the first of its kind that runs off of an air supply and fits inside the aquarium. These units are great because they come with an easy to remove intake sponge and the media starts moving from day one. While this filter runs, the media inside is constantly rubbing against itself which keeps the media clean and allows the strongest bacteria to thrive. With oxygen traveling through the air intake combined with strong bacteria - these filters can handle large amounts of ammonia in comparison to other types of filters.

Customer Reviews

Based on 359 reviews
Joe (Oxford, AL, US)
Ziss filter

I use it in my flowerhorn tank he can be quite destructive but he can’t hurt this filter

Peter R. (Charlotte, NC, US)

Ziss Bubble Bio Moving Bed Filter

alex m. (Sheboygan, WI, US)
Ziss moving bio-media filter

I love this product. I have noticed a change in my fish health. I use a canister and clean it when the flow starts to decrease. This canister intake clogged one day and the flow was obstructed leaving the bio-media in the canister to quit functioning. I thankfully had no fish die. I bought 2 of the Ziss filters and now have a great back up for the bio in my tank. I have a list growing for my next purchase. This store gets bettter and better every year. Thank You for helping with your expert testing of your equipment you sell, it makes my job that much easier.

J.M. (Windsor, CO, US)
Ziss Bio filter

Installed in my 55 gallon tank over a month ago. Once media was fully moving and "seasoned" it measurably helps with water quality and helped in battle with black beard algae in heavily planted (low tech plants) and slightly more than moderate stocking that had only a large sponge filter previously. Patience was required awaiting the media to circulate fully. The only drawback is that it is a little noisy. Now that I have experienced effect of this filter I would like to see a smaller version appropriate for my 20 gal. long tanks.
I do recommend this to any potential customer.
As usual, Aquarium Co-op was rapid in filling out my order with another quality product. Do miss the fish decals though.

Christopher (Marysville, WA, US)
No Problems

I have 2 and plan on buying a few more. I myself enjoy the look of the fluid media. The 2 concerns are that sometimes getting the media moving is a chore and the suction cups works almost to well.