Ziss Egg Tumbler

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  • Consistent Flow And Tumbling
  • Easy Installation
  • Increases Hatching Yield

The Ziss Egg Tumbler is an elite contraption for raising eggs into fry. It is most often used for African cichlids, however it can also be used for Pleco and Corydoras eggs. With the adjustable flow, you can tumble large or small eggs with ease. For species that don't want to be tumbled, you can let them sit and just allow the water to flow around them. 

The tumbler attaches easily to the side of your aquarium with the included Ziss super suction cups.

Customer Reviews

Based on 55 reviews
D.S. (Brookfield, WI, US)
Best tumbler for n the market

Don’t think I could breed my cichlids without these tumblers or the Ziss breeder box.

It is simply put the perfect design. Nothing needs improvement. The suction cups stick, almost to well when it is time, it can be hard to remove. But you can slide it up and out of the holder.

I strip eggs or tiny fry and collect them with a turkey baster and transfer them into the chamber so I can get a count.

The air stone is fabulous and tumbles great. The air regulator helps you dial in the perfect tumble.

The stainless screen on the cap can collect unfertilized eggs or debris but never clogged while in use. It is easy to remove and clean when you are done.

If you are going to breed, you can’t go wrong with this product. I have 4 so far.

David (Stafford, VA, US)
Well worth it

Fit and finish is excellent everything looks, feels and fits perfect. The actual performance of the tumbler is 10/10 not too much but also not leaving them bouncing off the bottom, just floats them a little from the bottom but in a very gentle way. Aquarium co op packaging, shipping and delivery was amazing! It came a day early, it was boxed very nicely and I would recommend them to my all my friends and family.

David S. (Hendersonville, NC, US)
Excellent product

Works wonderfully!

Joseph A. (Hamilton, OH, US)
Best tumblers

These Ziss tumblers are far superior to the cheapo’s people are running off AMZN. I’ve ran both for ACs and the cheap ones for yrs. Yes they work but I would get a few deformed fry out of most batches. Hasn’t happened at all with the 10+ batches with the Ziss. I’m using 2 and need a couple more.

Thanks Cory and Crew!

Nicholas D. (Lawrence, NJ, US)
Well built

Well built little device!