Ziss Premium Breeder Box

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  • Separates Fry from Larger Fish
  • Designed For Maximum Water Flow
  • Two Hanging Methods

This premium breeder box from Ziss is designed to maximize water flow throughout the box. It features a hose connected to an airstone which brings water into the box and a bottom stainless steel mesh screen for additional flow. The top features a convenient feeding hole. 

For this breeder, two hanging methods are possible. The Ziss super strong suction cups are what most folks use. The hanging bracket works for people who have rimless aquariums or small nano tanks.

Customer Reviews

Based on 127 reviews
John C.
shrimp. Breeder box

These Ziss breeder boxes are the best I have ever used.

Alexander B. (Washington, DC, US)
Fantastic Breeder Box

I'm new to breeding, and the clear acrylic and ventilation makes this box so much superior to others I've seen. Using a small air pump in the vent creates excellent water flow to keep the fish happy.
Also very hardy. I dropped it on the floor first day and not even a scratch.

Bobby K. (South Pasadena, CA, US)
Not just for Breeding

I have Breeder Box just in case one of my fishes need special attention. I've used it twice for a quick separation. Haven't used for breeding just yet.

Alex C. (Albany, NY, US)
Game changer

I’ve tried every other product and while they all work including diy solutions there’s nothing quite like this that provides constant fresh current but not too much, good visibility, and two ways to hang. This virtually eliminates the need to constantly clean fry containers like the common sterile hanging ones. I’ve found it best to add in one or two cherry shrimp with eggs,wigglers, and free swimmers and a small snail or two after they are swimmers again, eliminates concern about waste unless you drastically over feed.

Anyone considering this needs to know the tiniest fry cannot use this (think rainbows small rasboras etc) until they’re probably a week or two at least as the mesh won’t be fine enough. Just use common sense.

This can be used to incubate all but the smallest eggs as well.

Would be amazing if aquarium coop could offer the joining ring that combines two of these into one big box. I’d pay a pretty penny for that within reason just to have the option. Overall 5/5 none of the competition on the market come close

Severin K. (Chicago, IL, US)

I use this box for my Goodeids. This is the best breeder box I have ever used. It would be perfect for any fry (within reason). My only complaint is that the grate is too fine (for me) and it collects a lot of gunk. But that’s nothing a small hose can’t handle. I HIGHLY recommend getting this box.