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  • Tiger Lotus, Bulb to Beauty

    Tiger Lotus, Bulb to Beauty
    When looking to add plants to a freshwater aquarium, there are endless choices. Color and shape are some important things to consider when trying to achieve the most pleasing look overall. One plant that is both beautiful and relatively simple to maintain, is the Red Tiger Lotus. With its broad, red leaves and interesting growth habits, it can certainly bring a new and stunning aesthetic to an aquarium.

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  • Java Moss - Easy Low-Light Plant for Beginners

    Java Moss - Easy Low-Light Plant for Beginners
    If you don’t have a green thumb and are looking for a nearly indestructible plant, the Java Moss is for you! Java Moss is one of the easiest plants you will ever grow. This moss is hardy, versatile, and beautiful. You can be sure it will add a flash of green to your tank. You would have to work harder to kill this moss than you do to keep it alive!

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  • DIY Planted Background Wall

    DIY Planted Background Wall
    Have you been wanting to change up your aquarium background to something unique? Perhaps it’s time to try a planted wall! A wall of plants is a great way to add extra foliage and shelter for your tank while giving your tank and an incredible and unique look.

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