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How to Join the Aquarium Co-Op Wholesale Program

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At Aquarium Co-Op, we started with a small fish store in Edmonds, Washington, grew an online sales business through our social media platforms, and now offer wholesale aquarium products to local fish stores all around the United States. This wholesale sector of our business is called the Aquarium Co-Op Retail Partner Program (RPP).

What kind of products does Aquarium Co-Op sell wholesale?

We offer Aquarium Co-Op-branded fishkeeping and planted tank products that were personally developed and extensively tested by our team, as well as dry goods from other major companies such as Fritz Aquatics and Xtreme Aquatic Foods.  We also have several wholesale-exclusive products to help your store be more successful. We stand by all of our products and offer a no-hassle warranty and customer service to help you better serve your customers. (Note: we do not wholesale live animals or plants.)

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D-N-D Pet Shop
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GroFin Aquatics
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The Waterfront

Do you promote your Retail Partners in any way?

Yes, to help you be as successful as possible when selling our products, we provide continual online marketing of all our Retail Partners on various platforms, such as:

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What other benefits come from the Retail Partner Program?

We know how hard it is to be a local fish store in today's market, so we provide several unique perks as part of our wholesale program, such as:

  • Ability to offer exclusive products that other retailers do not have access to, such as the highly reviewed Easy Green plant fertilizer
  • Same wholesale pricing structure among all Retail Partner stores so that you don't have to worry about Amazon.com or other competitors undercutting your prices. Only Aquarium Co-Op sells online in the United States and April's Aquarium sells online in Canada. 
  • Super fast shipping so that you don't have to hold as much inventory on hand at time
  • Support from Aquarium Co-Op customer service and our hassle-free warranty policy
  • Access to educational videos that we have created only for RPP stores to help you become more profitable and improve your offerings
  • Continual product marketing from Aquarium Co-Op

Free business educational videos for fish store managers

How do I qualify to become a Retail Partner?

To join our wholesale program, fill out this online application and an RPP representative will reach out to you. We are looking for healthy fish stores that have a physical retail location and sell freshwater aquarium livestock and products to the public. Also, we do not allow permit online reselling of any kind in this program. To see what other stores are saying about our wholesale program, read the RPP customer testimonials.

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