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Nice and easy fertilizer!

When I got into the aquarium hobby I had no idea that I would get into plants. Finding out that to get them to grow I needed fertilizers I was at a loss. Of course like many others I blindly went with API not knowing what my plants needed. But being a very inquisitive person I searched YouTube and came upon Cory's video on caring for plants and after understanding what I needed, I joined the club and bought easy green and have loved it since I started to put it into my tank.

Awesome plant growth!

I started using this product after using seachem products and not seeing much difference than not using any at all. After about 3 days of using Easy Green the difference was very noticeable. Great thick healthy new leaves. My red ozelot sword perked up so much, the marbling was much more distinct. Between 8 and 14 days my anubias started growing 5 new leaves. My angelfish are laying many more eggs and have gotten them to free swimming stage for the first time after 6 failed attempts. I don't know if that is because of the easy green but I like to think so as that is the only change. I definitely recommend. I even got the easy tabs!

Great product

This product does a fantastic job just like it's suppose to. I have a 20 gallon long guppy/ shrimp/ trumpet snail setup with a finnex fugeray and an anacharis "tree" that started out as a decent sized bunch plus other plants. With both the light and the easy green my anacharis quickly began pearling everyday and growing like a weed. All my plants love the fertilizer, including the hair algae growing I'm assuming due to having high light in a non co2 tank. That's okay though. I keep it under control by feeding it to my tank of Florida flag fish. Win win in this case. :)

Best of the best!

I have 14 tanks currently with plants in 8 so Easy green is a great time saver. I'll be back for more plants and ferts. Wish you shipped fish too. Tank on brother.

Great product from people who care.

I started using Easy Green on a new tank. Lightly dosing, the plants took off after one week. Java fern really seems to love the stuff.