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Can a power head be used as a filter?

Yes, power heads can be used as part of your filtration system. Many people use them to transfer water from their aquarium sump filter (which is a type of custom filtration) back into the fish tank. We also designed our powerhead pump to fit perfectly with the Aquarium Co-Op sponge filters. Normally, an air pump is used to run a sponge filter and gently draw water through the foam material. By attaching a power head to the sponge filter instead, water is pulled through the foam at higher speeds, resulting in greater mechanical filtration and clearer water. The method can potentially clog the foam more quickly so that you have to frequently clean it, but Aquarium Co-Op sponge filters are made with coarse foam that does not become obstructed as easily.

For more information, read our full article on water circulation.

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