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How does beneficial bacteria stay alive in a bottle?

Bacteria starter products like Fritz Zyme 7 contain live, nitrifying bacteria to help kick off your aquarium cycle and grow your biological filtration. This beneficial bacteria helps to consume toxic ammonia waste (produce by your fish) and convert it into nitrate, which is much safer for fish. 

According to the Fritz Aquatics website, "Unlike some heterotrophic bacteria, which can survive in a long-term spore state, only true nitrifying bacteria can cycle an aquarium. True nitrifying bacteria are fragile and temperature-sensitive, which is difficult to produce and package. FritzZyme® 7 is buffered for long-term stability without the need for refrigeration." The beneficial bacteria are essentially dormant until exposed to oxygen. When introduced to your aquarium, they can begin multiplying to help break down waste in your tank.

For more information, read our article about the nitrogen cycle in aquariums.

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