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How can I get hired at a fish store?

Every store is different, but when we hire retail staff, we are not necessarily looking for the person that knows the most about fishkeeping because a) there are a lot of passionate hobbyists who know a lot and b) much knowledge is gained after you start working with the other fish store employees and customers. Instead, we are interested in other qualities like how well you work with other people, how punctual you are, and if you're willing to promote the products and values that the store believes in. 

When you apply for the job, bring your resume, as well as printed pictures of your aquariums with a small description about them. Also, sometimes it helps to dress the part. If you know the store employees always wear red (like at Target) or a black shirt with the company logo (like at Aquarium Co-Op), then try to wear something similar to help your cause. 

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