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How do I get rid of blue-green algae or cyanobacteria?

Blue green algae (BGA) is a turquoise slime that can cover your aquarium gravel, decorations, and plants. It's actually a cyanobacteria and therefore does not always respond to traditional algae-fighting techniques. It is very susceptible to antibiotics that contain erythromycin, like Fritz Slime Out.

To begin treatment, scrub off as much of the blue-green algae as possible and remove it with a siphon. After vacuuming the substrate and refilling the tank, add one full dose of Slime Out (which is 1 packet per 25 gallons of water), and let the aquarium sit for 48 hours before doing a 25% water change. Use an air stone or other filtration to agitate the water surface so the fish get enough oxygen during treatment. The earlier you treat the outbreak, the easier it is to eradicate. If the blue-green algae is very thick and widespread, you may need to repeat the treatment several times to completely remove the colony.

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