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How to install an aquarium air pump

An air pump is responsible for sucking in air from outside of the fish tank and pumping it into a submerged aquarium apparatus. Therefore, you need a few air pump accessories to guide the air flow in the right direction and at the right pressure. For most beginners, we recommend getting a roll of airline tubing and check valve to get started. 

  1. Use airline tubing to connect the air pump outside of the aquarium to the aquarium device (e.g., sponge filter, fish tank decoration, etc.) inside the aquarium.
  2. Cut the airline tubing between the air pump and aquarium device, and attach a check valve in between.
  3. Plug in the air pump to see if air is bubbling in the aquarium device. If it is not, flip the check valve around so it is properly aligned.

For the complete instructions, read our article on how to use an aquarium air pump.

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