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How to use a aquarium airline T splitter or tee splitter

The tee airline splitter gets its name from its T shape that splits one stream of air into two paths. This functionality is useful if you only have one air pump but wish to run a second air stone or aquarium decoration in the fish tank. Another use case would be diverting air off your main aquarium to a second tank or a quarantine tub. Each pack comes with five T airline connectors, so you could theoretically chain multiple splitters together to create additional air streams.

T splitter for aquarium airline tubing

The T splitter divides the air flow coming from the green air pump, and then the air valve controls how much air reaches the sponge filter.

We highly recommend using air valves when splitting the air stream so that you can fine-tune how much air goes to each line. As usual, ensure that you use airline tubing with clean-cut ends and periodically inspect the connections to make sure they haven’t weakened over time.

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