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Out of Stock - when will it return?

Having products available when you want to order them is our number one priority. We work tirelessly with our vendors to keep all the products we offer in-stock. Unfortunately, disruptions in the supply chain occur and impact our ability to keep certain items in-stock. When an item is out-of-stock, customers naturally want to know when it will be available for purchase again and reach out Aquarium Co-Op Customer Service. Providing estimated restock dates are not possible for Aquarium Co-Op as many times the vendors themselves are unaware of when items will become available again, or we are given vague guesses. This is further exaggerated with live aquarium plants with growth rates susceptible to many natural conditions.

Our advice is to follow us on social media, as we’ll usually announce items become available again, or periodically check in on our website. We don’t want to set an expected date of arrival and miss it. The last thing we want to do is cause an interruption in your plans.


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