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Check Out This New Oddball Fish at Aquarium Co-Op This Week! ­čÉ║

This week in our fish deliveries the retail store got in some awesome oddball large predatory fish like the Red Wolf Fish and Jardinii Arowana as well as some of our staple community favorites like Discus, Marble Hatchet Fish, Red Eye Monk Tetras, and Panda Corydoras. 
For plants this week, the Tiger Lotus, Mayaca Fluviatilis, and Dwarf Baby Tears, came in amazing from our suppliers, and we have plenty of our house-grown Red Root Floaters and Dwarf Water Lettuce for sale this week, too!
With more and more new people getting into the hobby, this week I wanted to talk about how we recommend cleaning your aquarium. Wether you have a sponge filter or not, it is important to clean the gravel of your tank as well as clean your filtration routinely in order to help keep your aquarium balanced.
Check out the articles linked above as well as the video below where Cory shows you how to properly gravel vac' your aquarium!

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