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New Electric Blue Fish at Aquarium Co-Op! 💙⚡️

This week the Aquarium Co-Op retail store got in some awesome new fish in our orders! My favorite highlights include some locally bred Electric Blue Rams, Rope Fish, Giant Blue Wood Shrimp, Chili Rasboras, Gold Ring Danios, and an assortment of Male Bettas!
In our plant orders this week we got in some amazing looking Ammannia Gracilis, Baby Tears, and Dwarf Hairgrass pots!
Looking for another food option to feed your fish? Try giving Freeze Dried Tubifex Worms a try! They are an easy and fun way to feed because they stick to the front glass of your tanks making for great photos and videos of your fish. These foods also do not contain large amounts of filler ingredients like other dried foods too!
Check out the video below showing how our friend Dean feeds these Tubifex Worms to his fish using a Worm Feeder Cone!

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