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New Schooling and Centerpiece Fish at Aquarium Co-Op This Week! 🐟

At Aquarium Co-Op this week we got in some great looking fish in our deliveries! New centerpiece fish options include Blue Paradise Fish, Scarlet Badis, Chocolate Gouramis, and Medium Assorted Angelfish, while Odessa Barbs and Gold White Clouds make for great schooling additions to your tank. Our Small Fancy Goldfish are looking great this week, too!
As for plants this week, we have a lot in stock right now! We are currently running a retail store only BOGO (buy one get one free) sale on all of our plants. This sale goes on only while supplies last, so try to come into the retail store sooner vs later to try and score this great deal on some plants!
We are also selling a brand new tank kit for $1000. This includes the pre-drilled overflow glass 65 gallon tank, glass lids, wooden canopy and stand (lockable), as well as a custom filtration sump in the stand. This is the only unit, and we will sell it first-come first-served in store.
For this week's Tuesday Tip I wanted to talk about algae control. There are many different causes and solutions for many different types of algae. Adding algae eaters, adding more live plants, adjusting light, and using products like Easy Carbon can help manage algae in your aquariums.
Check out the video below where Cory discusses some common algae types and how to fix them:

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