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The Best Algae Eater for your Pond 🐌

This week at the Aquarium Co-op retail store in Edmonds we received some very exciting fish deliveries! We were sent some very colorful fish like the Electric Blue Acara, and Red Neon Rainbowfish! We also have Japanese Trapdoor Snails in stock just in time for pond season! Last but not least we received a manager favorite the Schoutedeni Puffer!

For this week's plant delivery we are excited to see that Water Sprite, Dwarf Hairgrass, and Tiger Lotus are particularly healthy, happy, and ready to be planted!

For this week's Tuesday Tank Tip I wanted to share some information about diversifying what you feed your fish! We have recently started carrying some new Xtreme food products such as; Xtreme Sofly Flakes, Xtreme Beef Heart Flakes, Xtreme Wriggles, and lastly Xtreme Turtle and Reptile Sticks!

Check out this video where Cory talks about the importance of good quality foods!

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