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There's a Whale at Aquarium Co-Op's Retail Store This Week! 🐋

In the Aquarium Co-Op retail store this week we got in a few oddball fish you may never have seen before including the Red-Lip Goby, Orange Hatchet Danio, and the cool electric mormyrid, Doral-Banded Whale. We also got in some large breeder Super Red Bristlenose Plecos as well as lots of medium-large Amano shrimp.
For plants this week, our Anubias Nana and Barteri are looking amazing as well as the carpeting Dwarf Baby Tears and Micro Sword arrived very full.
For this week's Tank Tip I wanted to highlight the pros/cons of using power filtration vs sponge filters. In the store, we prefer using sponge filters due to their safety with small fish and shrimp, ease of installation, and more!
Check out Irene and Zenzo discussing the details of both types of filtration below!

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