Nano Tank Hang on Back Filter

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  • Adjustable flow control knob 
  • Excellent for small aquariums under 10 gallons
  • Great betta tank filter

This nano hang-on-back filter is excellent for aquariums up to 10 gallons. It moves 52 gallons per hour and has an adjustable flow knob for fish who need lower flow such as bettas. It comes fully equipped with media and an intake sponge. However, upgrading to our mini pre filter sponge is ideal as it offers greater coverage of the intake tube with less clogging from debris. Hot rod this filter by adding coarse sponge to the media portion rather than the provided cartridges.

Customer Reviews

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MH (Belleville, IL, US)
Great for a nano tank

I used pot scrubbers and the coarse sponge + pre filter from Aq Co-Op. This was perfect for a nano and easily customisable. Way better than the filter that came with the tank. It also hides well for a hang on back.

Shannon M. (Santa Rosa, CA, US)
Way too strong for a betta

I usually use the Dymax Slim-Flo for my nano tanks and have been pretty happy with how low you can turn the output (practically a trickle which is perfect for my betta). I'm setting up 2 new nano tanks and, unfortunately, the Dymax filters I ordered came with bad motors.

I ordered these thinking it would be comparable because the gph is comparable. The problem is you can't turn the flow down on this filter nearly as much as you can on the Dymax. You CAN turn it down but only to about 1/2 capacity and even 1/2 capacity has the water looking like a washing machine.

I've hotrodded it by filling it with sponge and filter floss but it doesn't slow it down much at all. I feel like even baffling it won't slow it down enough (if I could even figure out how to baffle it without disrupting aesthetics).

I'm really disappointed because I think it's going to stress my betta so it might be back to the drawing board searching for the perfect betta filter. :(

Christopher B.

Great item

bryan R. (Bound Brook, NJ, US)
Helpful little filter

Helpful little filter. Works great and easy to set up. I had extra clay bio balls that I added in as it only comes with sponges.

Amber M. (Dallas, TX, US)
Nano HOB filter

I used this in my betta tank and I put in the ACO filter media instead of the media it comes with. It filters pretty well even at the slow flow setting. The high flow setting is too fast for the bettas, but luckily the flow is adjustable. Pretty good filter. I also use the sponge filters in my betta tank to make sure the oxygen level is optimal. And I installed an air stone easily in the chamber