Sponge Pad Coarse

This 9x9 inch coarse foam pad has 15 pores per square inch. meaning it would take a long time without servicing to clog. These are cut to fit pieces for canister filters, hang on back filters and sumps. We had these specifically made for us as they are so handy! Cut to fit any size filter!

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More Filtration doesn't hurt

I use this course sponge as the 1st level of my mechanical filtration in all of my canisters. I also cut small squares and use them inside the strainers on the intakes for my FX4 and FX6 filters.

Coarse Sponge Winning

I purchased the coarse sponge to try in my 4 stage SunSun canister filters that service my planted 150 Gallon tank.
I am hoping to keep the flow rate up without the clogging I experienced with the manufacturers stock sponges. So far so good!
This product was easy to cut to the shape and fit into filter basket. I installed during my monthly filter service.

Cut to size

Use this as custom media in my filters, Aquaclear 70 and canister.

Great for hotroding filters

I have started using them in aquaclar 50 and 70s they seem very robust and should last a long time. If you need coarse filter media I'd go to this first. Great price and quality so far

Idea #802 Overflow prefilter - Save your little guys

I've used this filter for a few projects but I think this one is the most substantial. I prevented small shrimp and fish from going overboard into my overflow box.

I cut three pieces off the large pad and lined them up against the guards and pushed the teeth of the guards through. This filter has tons of huge pores that are the perfect size as a barrier for fish while being large enough not to clog.

This project took 10 minutes, a pair of scissors and some super glue. I recommend this setup with this pad because of the size of the pores. I haven't seen other filter pads with the same size and amount of pores.

This filter is going to be huge for the hobby as people figure out what it can be used for.

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