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Fine Poly Pad

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These are the pads I use to get fine particles out of the water. I use several in my 800 gallon aquarium. They are easy to cut to any size you need for your filter. They come folded in half and we may need to fold them again to fit them in your shipping box.  One of the best ways to polish your aquarium water.

Customer Reviews

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Great fine poly pad!

It works great in an aqua clear 20.

Keeping on hand to continue to test product in my tanks

I find it does the job, but maybe not as well as I expected in my Aquaclear HOBs. I don't know, but I am thinking floss may do better in HOBs because water flows over poly pad rather than through them, or so it seems to me.. However, I do like that I can easily add to Ziss for additional filtration and there water flows through - it has to, as nowhere else to go.

Fine poly pad

Using this in my aqua clear 50 and 30, using the sponge that came with filter followed by a piece of the blue and white filter pad, then a piece of the fine poly pad filter cut to size, followed by bio media in bag (no charcoal). There is a noticeable difference in all the fine pieces getting removed from tank water using the fine filter pad in this line up. Water movement through the filter was not restricted at all. I also use the medium sized course sponge on intake. If you haven't tried one, get one! Very pleased with purchase.

Will buy again and again!

This stuff is super and really cleans up my tank water. It's simple to cut to size and add to my HOB. I will be buying this again!

Multi Purpose Pad

Great replacement or add on to other filter media. Also added it to my new Ziss bubble filter.