Check Valve

We use these check valves to keep water from siphoning out of the tank when the power is out.  They are made with a rubber flapper instead of a spring like some of the cheaper ones. 

Customer Reviews

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So far so good

Works as expected, haven't had any issues with it leaking. Great for the price!

Install black end towards air source.

My four port air pump is lower than the sponge filters. My three check valves still remain untested as my water fails to siphon over the top of the tank when turning off the air pump. I question if they are necessary. Three stars because I neither like nor dislike the product.

Would buy again.

Feels like quality construction, it doesn't noticably inhibit air flow and they do stop water from siphoning out. I air leak tested 3 of these I am currently using in different conditions for the sake of leaving a review with some data. One had no air leaks, one had a barely detectible air leak, and one had a very noticable air leak. Ultimately the leaks were small and effectively this made no difference in my setups so I won't be looking to replace them and would buy again.

No good for CO2

2 stars because of severe leakage. I bought the diffuser and check valve for co2 setup and zero bubbles made it to diffuser. All leaked out of check valve. However, I am using the check valves on my bubblers but I am concerned that if air gets out, water could too which would defeat the purpose of having a check valve.

Had leak from the get go

Set this up to prevent backflow into my c02 regulator. Did a soap test right after setting up and there was a leak where the black base meets the clear chamber that leaked c02.