Ammannia Gracilis

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  • Grows Tall
  • Eye-Catching Color
  • Provides Shelter for Fish

Ammannia Gracilis is a stem plant that requires high light and CO2 to show vibrant red and pink colors. It can also thrive under medium light, but may retain a more yellow to green color. In it's underwater form, Ammannia Gracilis will produce thin, elongated, pointed leaves which help provide shelter for fish and fry.

Under high light, Ammannnia Gracilis is a fast growing stem plant and will need to be trimmed frequently. Left to its own devices, this plant can grow over 10 inches tall. Therefore, it does well as a background plant. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 172 reviews
Jus10 (Hilo, HI, US)
Beautiful Plant

Beautiful plant, arrived well packaged and healthy.

Rapgod621 (Needham, MA, US)
Not bad

Not bad at all Doing well in my tank would buy again

Christian R. (Glendale, AZ, US)
My Most Anticipated Plant (As of writing)

This plant came in pretty big in my opinion, there were around 7 different cuttings each around 3-5 inches tall not counting the stem and they've grown around 2 inches within a month. Definitely not a fast growing plant as each Pogostemon Stellatus cutting I bought in the same order has grown probably a foot in the same time, but not slow either, around as fast growing as pearl weed. Plus its nice to add different colors to the tank. No problems with delivery either as always, if your near Phoenix. (Added a bad picture for visual reference, I like putting at least 2 inches of the plant's stem in the gravel)

Taylor S. (Toms River, NJ, US)
Looks beautiful grows fast

These plants look absolutely beautiful in my tank. They grow fast and my female bettas love to rest on the leaves.

Matthew H. (Douglasville, GA, US)
Looking great!

Had this guy for about a week or so and so far doing great!