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  • Treatment for parasites
  • Effective against planaria
  • Safe for plants and invertebrates

Expel-P from Fritz Aquatics is used as a deworming medication and is intended to treat parasites such as Planaria, Nematodes (like Camallanus Red Worms), Roundworms, Nodular Worms and Hookworms. Symptoms in new and sick fish can include worms visibly protruding from the anus of the fish, wasting, abdominal bloating, disinterest in food, or rapid breathing or gasping. The active ingredient used in Expel P is Levamisole HCl. Expel-P will not harm biological filtration, plants, invertebrates or fish which are not infected. 

We recommend using an air stone when treating with this medication. 

Expel-P does not treat Cestodes (tapeworms) or Trematodes (flukes). For these parasites, try Fritz ParaCleanse.

Customer Reviews

Based on 77 reviews
Cathy K. (Brookhaven, NY, US)

I never really thought much about fish health and the quarantine tank. I now have the trio in stock, for any new fish I may "have to have" in the future. Note: I will be ordering extra meds because I didn't get enough for the treatment instructions on the box.

S.B. (Tigard, OR, US)

Yep, it works. At least the fish are starting to look better. Haven't seen the expelled worms yet.

Emily R. (Frisco, TX, US)
Fish Room Staple

Not much to say except that 1. It’s a great product and 2. The shipping time was much improved: 2-3 days vs almost a week.

Gail (Freeland, WA, US)
Saved My Tank

I used Expel-P on my 75 gallon tank after a number of undetermined deaths of fish and snails. I have used it twice, as directed, and in darkness, also as directed, and my tank seems to have settled down. All the fish are happy, spawning and active. I'm dosing at least once more to be sure the problem is truly gone, even though 2 doses are recommended.
Very happy with the results and will use this again if need be.

A.R. (Temecula, CA, US)
Camallanus worms

Worked great to deworm a honey gourami! It says to add to water, but I also mixed it into some food and fed that to the gourami which worked within 24 hrs.