Never Clog Air Stone

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Best Seller

These are the best air stones out there. They are weighted so they naturally sink. They can be taken apart so that if they were to ever clog, they can be cleaned or replace the disks outright.  They also work great inside sponge filters. Really they are the best air stone money can buy. Instead of replacing a cheap ceramic air stone every 4-6 months as they get worse and worse for bubbles, install one of these once and nearly never worry about it again. Tighten or loosen the disks to change how big the bubbles are.

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Love the new look

I had bought quite a few of the older Never Clog stones but was never a fan of the "Carnival" colors. This one blends in much better and being weighted is a plus. Supposedly you can adjust the bubbles which is a plus but a feature I have not used. Love the look and the bubbles it made right out of the box. Another great product from AquariumCoop.

Update! Works perfectly

I had reviewed the USB air stone previously and found it to be powerful, but I thought it was too noisy over what was advertised. ACO emailed me to see what was up and they confirmed that I wasn't nuts--it was definitely a defective, too-loud unit! They immediately sent me a replacement air stone, which is working perfectly and is totally quiet. Above and beyond customer service.

Love these

They work, not expensive & adjustable, what more can you want.

Simple yet, efficient

I like how it is weighted and has a discrete look to it. It allows a lot of control with the bubbles and if you want them coarse or smaller. However, my wish is that it had a little more heft to it, as it doesn't seem to have enough heft to have it sit the way I would like it to.

Old news

I love it