Mayaca Fluviatilis

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  • Fine Leaves
  • Stem Plant
  • Medium Light

Mayca fluviatilis is a soft, bushy stem plant with thin leaves that are a light green in color. It is an easy to grow plant which does well in at least medium lighting. Once established, it will grow quickly and provide a lush hiding spot for fish and shrimp.

It's fine texture will draw attention to any aquarium and contrast nicely against larger-leaved plants. Because of its unique appearance, it is commonly referred to as Stream Bogmoss - though it is not a moss at all.

Customer Reviews

Based on 186 reviews
Customer (Marysville, WA, US)
Has become one of my favorites

Looks beautiful in the tank and the fish really like it. Has a nice soft feather type looking appearance to it.

Lori (Citrus Heights, CA, US)
Stream Bog Moss

🌱 I love this plant!!! It’s like an anacharis and hornwort hybrid. It grows so fast and you can float it, plant it or wrap it around decor. It’s also a great way to know if you need to dose easy iron. You won’t regret buying this plant. 🍃

S.K. (Hamburg, NJ, US)
Huge & healthy!

Everything came in super healthy and way larger than I expected! It’s been a few weeks and it’s thriving. Definitely recommend!

Jason B. (Lawrenceburg, TN, US)
Good plant

It’s growing still. What else can I say?

walter k. (Monroe, NC, US)
Great plant

The plant is a lighter green than a lot of others and provides a good contrast in the background. It looks delicate but seems to be holding its own. Hope that it will be a safe hide for smaller fish.
Coop service got the plants here quickly and the quality was great.