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Scarlet Temple

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Scarlet temple is one of the easier red plants for your aquarium. Give it high light and fertilizing including iron and you can get some reds and purples out of this plant.
  • Scientific Name: Alternathera reineckii var Roseafolia
  • Skill Level: Medium
  • Placement: Mid to Background
  • Co2 Requirement: none
  • Preferred Fertilizer: Liquid - Easy Green Fertilizer & Easy Iron

* Due to the nature of this product we cannot guarantee it will look exactly as pictured, shipments may vary in size *

Customer Reviews

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Scarlet Temple

Received the Scarlet temple quickly and in great condition. Had roots already developing. Is doing very well and growing nicely so far. Would purchase again. Excellent value for the cost.

Scarlet Temple

Received my Scarlet Temple in kinda rough shape. Stems were broken off in the pot so there weren't many roots to work with. They have been in a 75 gallon tank with Fluval 3.0 and CO2 injection for about 2 weeks now and about 2 of the 6 stems that I got seem to be turning around, the others are slowly dying off. Hoping to nurse them back to health. Other plants in my order were great, but unfortunately the Scarlet Temple was pretty beat up

Nice colors.

Breaks up the aquarium with nice colors. Thanks for the dozens of baby snails that came with it. Their growing nicely also.

Scarlet temple

Received it really fast and in great condition!

Not dissapointed

Instead of one plant, I received at over 6 stems that all had plenty of roots developing. I was able to split this up into 3 groups that I placed around the tank. They lost a few leaves and look a bit sad at the moment, but this is my first time with this plant.