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  • Stimulates growth in root-feeding plants 
  • Full of essential plant nutrients and minerals
  • Safe for shrimp, snail, and fish

If you have rooted plants in your aquarium, Easy Root Tabs are a great option to give your plants even more nutrients than substrate and fish waste alone. They're packed with mineralized top soil containing red clay and many other essential minerals plants need to thrive. Unlike many other aquarium root tabs out there, Easy Root Tabs do not contain ammonia-based ingredients and will not cause harmful effects if the contents of the capsule are released into the water column. 

Monthly Plant Supplement

Hungry Root Feeders

Stronger Roots

Root Tab Placement

Usable in all Substrates

Fish, Shrimp, and Snail Safe

Build the Easy Planted Aquarium

Customer Reviews

Based on 1785 reviews
Debbie G. (Tulsa, OK, US)
Great results

So easy to use even in my tank with so many tight spaces because of landscaping.
Quick results.

Lisa W. (Hartford, CT, US)
my plants LOVE these!

My swords, crypts, and dwarf lilies thrive when I feed them the ACO root tabs. Highly recommend.

Robert H. (Pleasant View, TN, US)
These Root Tabs work!

Some plants (primarily swords and dwarf sag) struggled before I started to use these regularly. They now look much healthier, and are growing. Dwarf sag spreading like crazy!

Davey P. (Kansas City, MO, US)
Love Aquarium Co-op

I have bought several items over the past few years from them and have been happy every time. I am super excited to have the new warehouse closer to me in the midwest. I get my orders much faster than before.

C.R. (Las Cruces, NM, US)
Plants are vibing and keeping it tight

This is my second planted tank. My first one wasn’t a failure but I moved so many times due to Covid that it wasn’t sustainable. This time around I’m seeing so much more plant growth and significantly less algae growth. My Amazon sword is growing so big so fast that I have to give it about 3 root tabs a month. The only plant that isn’t doing good is my Mayaca Fluviatilis but I think it’s related to the hardness of my water and not the root tabs, also maybe the natural disasters that keep happening in New Mexico messing up my schedule. I’ve not lost any plants though (that have arrived alive and in good condition) and since most are root feeders I think the root tabs are really making a difference. The only problem is my bronze corydoras love digging them up but that isn’t the fault of the product or has really affected the growth of my plants. I just wish I could get a pack with more than 60!