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Easy Iron

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Add extra iron to your aquarium. Dose 1 to 3 times per week as needed. When in doubt start low and up the dosage after 2 weeks. 


*Store fertilizers upright and away from children. Pump heads are not leak proof.

Dose 1 pump per 10 gallons. Each pump is 1ml. 

Treats 5000 gallons.

Customer Reviews

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They've done it again!

Another amazing product from Cory! Aquarium Co-Op makes me sound like such a fangirl, but they're so fantastic! It looks like the Easy Iron took a paintbrush to my Scarlet Temples! And it brought reds out of a Cryptocoryne and a Boivinianus that I didn't even know had red in them!! Woohoo! 😊

Easy Iron makes easy reds

I got some red plants from aquarium co op. I put them in and in 2 days there really starting to turn red.

easy iron

quick delivery. my plants continue to do so-so. have added according to instructions. also working with a new led light and getting the best light spectrum for a planted 55 gal tank. thanks


I've never used an iron supplement before. I've had this for a few weeks, and I am already seeing changes. The reds are finally starting to come out in the plants that should have it.

Packaging was very good and I received on time.

I have only used it twice and so far so good. I don't see any huge changes in the plants yet but I suspect it will take a few more weeks. I also use the Easy Green food as well. It's easy to dose and I am following the instructions for usage. It would be great to do another review say in a month, that way real results can be used. I feel it's too early to tell how effective the product is.