Easy Flow Sponge Filter

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  • Air collar makes smaller bubbles for improved performance
  • Easy Flow accessory increases water circulation
  • Coarse, anti-clogging sponge

Sponge filters offer reliability and hassle-free operation. With no moving parts, all you need is an air pump with some airline tubing, and you've got a filter that is fully contained within your aquarium.  Sponge filters are completely reusable, don't need any replacement cartridges, and last for several years. Plus, they are gentle enough for betta fish, baby fry, shrimp, and other slow-moving species. Trusted by fish farms and wholesalers, they are an excellent choice for aquarium filtration that you can set and forget.

Aquarium Co-Op Filter Aquarium Co-Op Coarse Sponge Filter with Easy Flow Kit

Increase Circulation in Your Aquarium

Adjustable Height for Different Tank Sizes

No Air Stone Needed

Blends in With Plants

Extra Heavy Base

Coarse Sponge

Cleaning Is Easy

Customer Reviews

Based on 2898 reviews
Casper G. (San Jose, CA, US)
My experience with the Easy Flow Sponge Filter.

It is straightforward to set up and easy to maintain. It provides tremendous surface area for beneficial bacteria, and the directed water flow and aeration are great. I loved the first one I bought so much that I had to get another.

Erik T. (Eatontown, NJ, US)
The best on the market

This sponge is perfect flow for any type of tank! Highly recommended

Michael B. (Wheaton, IL, US)
Easy Flow Sponge Filter Review

I purchased the filter about a week ago I found that the tank has a nice gentle water fallow now.

Brian A. (Hartwell, GA, US)
Great sponge filter

Works amazingly and would definitely buy again

Jon S. (Brownsville, PA, US)
Perfect sponge filter

Does a nice job and has good flow even without the extra extensions it comes with.