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Aquarium Co-Op Coarse Sponge Filter

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  • Coarse Sponge (20ppi)
  • Green Plastic
  • Sinks right away
  • Can install an air stone inside

It's finally here! Our very own sponge filter. Having used sponge filters for over a decade, I've grown to love them and often dreamed about how I would improve them. We started out by using a coarse foam so it is easier to clean and won't get clogged up with debris it collects. It also sinks the first time! No longer do you have to keep squeezing to get the air out and keep it sunk. Next we made the plastic green. This blends into a planted aquarium and hides green algae that grows. Lastly we designed it so you can install an air stone inside. This helps quiet the sponge filter and give it an even up flow pattern. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 86 reviews
Best sponge filters I’ve ever owned

Not much needs to be said. I didn’t think you could improve on the sponge filter, I was wrong. The porosity is great, provides ample flow and works great.

I’d personally like to see one more size up, for like 125 tanks and up but these are awesome. I bought and run 4. Will be buying more

Sponge filters you gotta love them.

I didn't think sponge filters could get better and then Cory "Corndog" got ahold of them added green, So now they are even cooler. I will be ordering 20 more.

Just awesome! All sizes are great.

I love these with the coarse sponge material, they are SO versatile, for both shrimp, and fish, tanks. BEST PART: I'm not constantly cleaning the sponge to keep the air flow consistent, like with the typical small-pore variety. I cannot say enough good things about these. I've ordered, at least 10, of different sizes, now! Will definitely buy again, when needed!

Great Filters

I've purchased this filter in several sizes. They're well made and do the job. Now that the filters have accumulated some debris some beneficial microorganisms, my neocaradina and endler fry are constantly foraging on the filter for goodies. The is clear in all the tanks that have these sponge filters installed.

Great quality, great price

Just like all the other ACOP products, Corey took the time and made a reasonably priced sponge filter. Made in China... but I’m sure it would have been 10x’s the price if made in US.