Aquarium Co-Op Shrimp Cave

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  • Good for Breeding Shrimp
  • Provides Hiding Shelter
  • Natural Appearance

This half dome cave is the perfect size shelter for shrimp to evade fish and to feel safe. They enjoy crawling in and out of the holes and it provides an excellent place for them to breed so the baby shrimp don't get eaten by larger species. 

The cave itself is made out of terra cotta clay and will not harm livestock. Moss or other plants can be placed on or around the outside of the cave to mimic the natural environment for shrimp.

Customer Reviews

Based on 196 reviews
Stacy L. (Troy, NY, US)
My shrompies use it now!

It took a couple weeks, but now my little red cherry shrimps use their shromping-ground. They are such fun pets! I like the look of this hide. The brown color doesn’t stick out so much like other more orange colors. The holes aren’t sharp either so it is safe for my sparkling gourami. Use caution, some medium-sized fish may get stuck trying to get in it. My tank is all small shrimp and nano fish, so it’s perfect. My shrimp colony is still very small, but I bet as it grows this hide will get even more use.

Sarina C. (Allen, TX, US)
Excellent shrimp cave

I use a lot of these in my shrimp tanks, but they’re also great for dipping in repashy gel food mix for my pleco.

JM (Pembroke, MA, US)
shrimp cave

my shrimp do indeed seem to love it!
looks super adorable, too

Nice little hideout

I have not seen such a nice little hiding spot at any of the fish shops near me, and so I picked up the shrimp cave. I will probably pick up another or two bext time I make a purchase.

Bradley R. (Matthews, NC, US)

Aquarium Co-Op Shrimp Cave

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