Aquarium Co-Op Shrimp Cave

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  • Good for Breeding Shrimp
  • Provides Hiding Shelter
  • Natural Appearance

This half dome cave is the perfect size shelter for shrimp to evade fish and to feel safe. They enjoy crawling in and out of the holes and it provides an excellent place for them to breed so the baby shrimp don't get eaten by larger species. 

The cave itself is made out of terra cotta clay and will not harm livestock. Moss or other plants can be placed on or around the outside of the cave to mimic the natural environment for shrimp.

Customer Reviews

Based on 227 reviews
Al L. (Bedford, PA, US)
Shrimp cave

I’m happy with my purchase. I haven’t actually seen the shrimp go inside the cave tho I do see them on top of it occasionally so I imagine they are using it.
This is my first time ever keeping shrimp. I started with 6 and my best guess is I now have about 40 or so.
I figured the cave will give them another place to hide during molting and it should be a good spot for the baby shrimp to hide in as well.
I’ll be buying at least 1 more next time I place an order.

Dava M. (Austell, GA, US)
Awesome little Shrimp hangout

Very cute little shrimp hangout, especially for babies. It’s terra cotta so completely safe AND super easy to attach moss to.

Charles L. (Stamford, CT, US)
Good cave

you can stick anubias, puce or java fern into the holes.

Zoltar (Fort Myers, FL, US)
Quick shipping, awesome products

Ordered plants, filtration gear and crushed coral. All arrived well packaged. Plants in super healthy condition.

Alex (Brandon, MS, US)

Shipping was super quick! Shrimp love it!