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Everyone wants to have a beautiful aquarium, but they may not know how to keep a fish tank clean or have the necessary aquarium supplies to do so. To help you with your aquarium maintenance, we’ve gathered our favorite fish tank cleaning tools in one list. For wiping off algae from the aquarium walls, we highly recommend the Mag-Float aquarium magnet cleaner in combination with the scraper blade accessory. This magnetic fish tank cleaner is great for quickly cleaning off algae without getting our hands wet, and the algae scraper blade is one of the few tools that can scrape off the hard-to-remove green spot algae. Just make sure you get the right fish tank algae cleaner and scraper depending on whether your fish tanks has glass or acrylic walls. Also, don’t forget to wipe the outside of your fish tank with aquarium glass cleaner for that water stain-free, crystal-clear shine.

An aquarium water changer is a life-changing tool that will greatly simplify the way you clean aquarium gravel or substrate. If you’re looking for an aquarium vacuum or siphon that can easily suck up fish waste or excess food from the fish tank gravel, then check out our fish tank vacuum accessories. We have a squeeze bulb to start the water flowing through your fish tank gravel cleaner, a garden hose attachment for refilling your aquarium, and the aquarium siphon hook that prevents the gravel vacuum hose from slipping out of the fish tank.

For step-by-step instructions on how to properly clean your fish tank, read the complete article here.