Aquarium Co-Op Power Head

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  • Extra Long Power Cord
  • Increases Water Circulation
  • Fits Seamlessly With Aquarium Co-Op Sponge Filter

Now available - The new Aquarium Co-Op Power Head. No need to rearrange your entire system to find a plug for it, since the included extra long power cord measures 11.8 feet to reach any outlet. It can be used on its own or with the Aquarium Co-Op Sponge Filter to create a more powerful filtration system. The power head itself works by sending water up through the bottom intake and pumping it out the top horizontally across the aquarium. Ideal for any aquarium in need of increased circulation. Circulating over 200 gallons per hour, this power head is suitable for even larger aquariums to provide additional flow as needed.

Customer Reviews

Based on 151 reviews
Heather G. (Sacramento, CA, US)
Co-Op power head

I am using this connected to an older Co-op sponge filter. I see no adjustment wheel to change the water flow. That's fine for me, as it works much better in the tank for my uses than my old powerhead. It is about half the force of the much heavier flow of my fussy old Cobalt MJ-1200 powerhead.

Marie (Chattanooga, TN, US)
Good basic powerhead, great price

It's a good basic powerhead at a great price. I like that it easily connects to a sponge filter. I wish I could adjust the direction of the flow, and being able to adjust the power level would be nice too. But it's affordable and does the job. I've had mine running a couple weeks now with no concerns. I'll give it five stars because I chose based on the price rather than the extra features.

Dean S. (Yelm, WA, US)
Long Cord

Finally a powerhead with a cord long enough for my applications. I was able to remove two extension cords because these reached all the way., The flow is nice and high as well. I will be buying two more shortly.

Nickolas G. (Spring Hill, FL, US)
Great buy

Bought this to add some flow to my 75 gal. Added a sponge filter to the bottom and it's also helping keep the water clear

Noah S.

I like this pump because I use it to pump water out from my 55 gallon trash can that I use to fill up my fish tanks. The pump is strong enough to fill up tanks from the floor to my highest tanks. I like how you can use your finger to cover the tubing to fill up the tank and not have to worry about water going everywhere like my previous pump from petco.