Mini Hikari Sponge Filter

These are best for very small tanks or bowls. 2.5 gallon and 5.5 gallon tanks etc. Works well for betta filtration as well.


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Great filter!

This was the second one of these I have bought and both are great. They're small but do a wonderful job paired with the super silent USB air pump!

Needed new filter for nano tank

Got a 2.5 gallon tank kit a few years ago. The cheap filter system that came with it broke in several ways, so I looked at some filters at big box stores and wasn't happy with selection, design and online reviews of what I saw. I bought this filter after watching some videos and I am very happy with the results. After 2 days the water has never been clearer. The power of the filter is a little high for a 2.5 gallon tank, but my Half-Moon Betta is not affected. He looks a lot happier and is a lot more active. I also have the plants in the tank and they are not affected by any water currents as well.

Works great in my little 2.5 gallon

Works great and is the perfect size for my little 2.5 gallon(doesn’t take up half the tank like other “small” sponge filters)

Nice filter for my nano tanks

This is a nice little filter which I have running in one 5.5 gallon (with the HOB that came with the kit for when the HOB dies) and two 3.5 gallon betta tanks. It is a corner filter (which should be listed in the description) and I have recommended it several times in forums.
why 4 instead of 5 stars? I haven't figured out how to use an air stone with it (another reviewer said they did) and I have to use a control valve in the airline to slow the bubbles (not the filter's fault, but I wish it had an air stone to make the bubble smaller).

I'm Impressed!

I recently decided to try a sponge filter for my 2.5g nano tank at work. The previous filter was constantly falling off its suction cups, and it didn't filter very well either, so I wanted either an internal or otb type of filtration. And this little item appears to be doing the trick, cleaning up a neglected tank before I start adding shrimp. At first it sounded rather loud, but as the sponge has filled up with detrius the bubbling has softened and the tank has become crystal clear. I even stirred up the gravel with a stick and this item filtered it all! I'm going to try using these filters as supplements in my larger tanks at home.