Nano Tank Hang on Back Filter

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  • Flow Control Knob Feature
  • Excellent for Small Aquariums Under 10 Gallons
  • Great Betta Tank Filter

This nano hang on back filter is excellent for aquariums up to 10 gallons. It moves 52 gallons per hour and has an adjustable flow knob for fish who need lower flow such as bettas. It comes fully equipped with media and an intake sponge. However, upgrading to our mini pre filter sponge is ideal as it will offer greater coverage of the intake tube including the bottom. Hot rod this filter by adding coarse sponge to the media portion rather than the provided cartridges.

Customer Reviews

Based on 100 reviews
Nathan W. (Alexandria, VA, US)
High build-quality

Build quality belies its reasonable price

Andrew K. (Plymouth, MI, US)
Works very well

I got the product for my 5 gallon tank with 4 endlers in it, it has just the right amount of flow for this tank but I wouldn’t recommend putting it on anything smaller than a 5

Austin S. (Holly, MI, US)
Great filter

I used this filter on my 5gal pea puffer tank, and it works great!

Max G. (Dallas, TX, US)
Great little filter

Replaced a failing Azoo filter with this one. This one is quieter, produces a little stronger flow, and the media chamber is a bit larger (making it possible to “hot rod” it, as Cory says).

James D. (Cumberland, MD, US)
Love this little guy

I have it on a heavily planted 10 gallon tank. I removed the carbon insert and replaced it with filter floss. I have to clean it once a week but it does a great job at keeping the water super clear.